Additional Assistance


The law can be a powerful ally. We are prepared to offer additional assistance to any and all aspects of a business’s life using our experience and expertise. 

If you are unsure wether certain aspect of your business can be protected, upgraded or made more efficient we kindly invite you to contact us. 

External Council 

If you are the owner and manager of a company, you might be interested in our subscription packages. We offer a number of Additional Assistance services within a prearranged hourly framework for a monthly subscription price. Our clients using this option enjoy priority and reduced prices in relation to services not provided according to the monthly subscription agreement.


Risk management

Part of the provision of a legal consultation almost always includes an assessment of the legal risks related to the presented situation. Although we are able asses the risks the decision to act or not is always up to our client.



Our professional and personal experience shows that Insurance company include invalid clauses in their insurance policies. If their respective client fails to pressure them into fulfilling their obligation, they will take advantage of the respective persons lack of legal expertise. This may lead to decline on part of the insurer to pay a due indemnification or other negative aftereffects. A legal consultation will most certainly give you the edge and certainty you need when dealing with any issue related to an insurance policy, accident or other.


Legal translation

We offer to our client official translation of documents from English and German. Our prices are competitive, but more importantly the translation themselves are entirely done by an attorney at law with more than 10 years of legal translations under the belt.


COVID – 19

Currently there no specific COVID related measures limiting or imposing the commercial flow, bar few exceptions. If you need more detailed information do contact us.



We have assisted companies as well as legal entities with beneficial purpose in negotiation, applying for and receiving state grants and assistance. Further we have successfully appealed the declination of such an application. You should bear in mind that the terms for participation or appeal of such proceedings are short and strict. Should you need any assistance it is best to contact a competent attorney as soon as possible. Additional information can be found in our defense again administrative acts section.


Some of the most useful registries kept by the administration are:

  1. Commercial regisry
  2. Property registy
  3. Registry of trade marks
  4. Castre registry

Matters & Questions not listed

If you are in need of a legal consult or any other additional assistance, but you cannot find the specific topic on this website, we invite you to call or write us with your question. We will analize the request and answer in goodfaith wether we are able to offer any usefull assistance.