Securing future or pending claim in another country

Securing future or pending claim in another country Introduction The general understanding among commercial entities is that when a non-performing party is situated in another country or has assets there, enforcement or even a judial proceedure is hard, costly and with low chances of success. This is a serious misconception that limits the will to […]

Buying real property in Republic of Bulgaria

Buying or selling real property in Bulgaria Buying or Selling real property in Bulgaria   Buying real property in Bulgaria is relatively easy, although you either need to be present in the Republic of Bulgaria or you need to authorize a representative. The second option has some additional complications which we will review below.   […]

Summarized working hours

Summarized calculation of working hours Legal opinion – Summarized working hours/calculation of working hours Some employers decide to use summarized working hours, instead of normal (working hours stipulated in-advance in the individual working agreement) working hours. This possibility was created for business like factories where the manufacturing process requires constant presence of employees (or a […]

IT Support provision subcontracting

IT Support provision subcontracting The possibility to provide remote services allows a significant number of companies broadly situated in the IT sector It support provision subcontracting, which are not located in the Republic of Bulgaria, to enter into agreements with Bulgarian companies for provision of support and other it services.  Such a partnership can be […]

Requirements for transportation of foods, dairies and other goods

Requirements for transportation of foods and dairies. The activity of transportation of foods and dairies is a strictly regulated one. A number of legal requirements are in place, some of which imposed on national leval, some on EU level, and more additonal ones should the repsective company be involved in transportation of the above products […]

Declaration for actual owner – Art. 63 MAMLA

Declaration for actual owner – Art. 63 MAMLA Assisted our client a BG company owned by an american entity to prepare the necessary documentation for declaration of actual owner under the Measures against money laundering act. Organized the filing and registration of the documents.