Company law


We are prepared to offer assistance in the establishment of any type of company in Bulgaria, no matter if your aim is to establish a commercial entity like a limited liability company, a joint stock company, a foundation or a civil partnership. We shall undertake the entire implementation

of the registration process, including, if it is required, a VAT registration with NRA.

It is worth noting that we have experience and an excellent track record in establishing subsidiary companies for a parent companies part of large corporate structure. In such cases there are often issues related to opening of bank accounts, establishing ownership and other similar issues.  

Corporate documents

Establishing a company is related to drafting a series of documents like company statute. The aforementioned are considered by many as blank/form document which in turn leads to the usage of badly written and formatted documents, not only infrinding on the image of the comapny, but exposing it to risks. We pride ourselves firstly with customizing the company statute of each company according to its needs, and secondly said documents are always drafted according to certain standard of formatting. You should bear in mind that the aforementioned documents are publicly available in the Commercial Registry and therefore serve as a business card, so to speak.

Compliance and administration

If you are local in Bulgaria or a foreigner we are prepared to promptly set you up with your own company and assist with any and all related thereto needs. You should bear in mind that after a company is establish a number of additional documents need to be implemented for company to be compliant with the applicable legislation.

Permits and licenses

Depending on the kind of business the company is about to engage certain permits are required, which would be more easily acquired through our services.


Work and residence in Bulgaria 

If this is your first stay in Bulgaria we might be able to assist you with other issues. Please be so kind as to check the Migration section .