Contracts and obligations

Contracts & Obligations

Contracts and obligations both the name of the law and a field of law study covers the majority of relations between persons and entity since the time of ancient Rome.


It is commonly believed that contracts are a burdensome addition to business or other relations. Therefore a lot of people consider the contracts they concluded only when they have a problem.  For example: when the opposite party is not performing as agreed, or the contract itself is becoming more and more an issue. 



A legal consult at any state of the contracts life – negotiation, conclusion, performance and termination will be a great benefit and will reduce the chance of an unexpected development.




Negotiation and Conclusion

In many cases the negotiation stage is the moment to ensure that your interests are protects and that the clauses included in an agreement actually fulfill your needs and expectations. Minor amendments could mean a great deal.



Legal analysis of an agreement will let you know the exact bounds of your rights and obligations pertaining to any given contract as well as the rights and obligations of the opposite party. This can be very import if you have failed to perform and are wondering how much time you have to complete your side of the agreement or in the opposite case if the other party is delaying. Contracts and obligations law deal explicitly with matters concerning performance, failure to perform, terms for performance and other similar relations. 



Termination is considered a straight forward procedure by many, that being said we have assisted a significant number of clients to terminate their agreements with commercial partners or services providers in a way ensuring no complication will be present. The parties to an agreement often misinterpret the moment a contract is no longer in effect that may cause issues and may lead to a dispute.


We kindly invite you to contact us should you need a consult in relation to any situation involving contracts and obligations law, such as performance of agreements, failure to perform, delays in performance and etc..