Administration e-administration and defense against acts of the state

Administrative acts & Procedures, E-Administration

E-administration and defense against acts of the state. Administration law governs every act, actions and omission by the government and the municipalities. This includes every administrative authority and therefore an immense field of relations.  The ability to impose certain obligations on state or municipal authorities or to defend one’s business against them is paramount to our time.    


The Republic of Bulgaria is in the process of implementing e-government. This means that a number of services previously provided only face to face in the respective administrations can now be applied for online with a qualified electronic signature. So no matter if you are obliged to submit a declaration to a specific municipality (exmp. Art. 14 LTFA, after acquiring real property) or need to submit an application for tax evaluation or an inheritance certificate we can perform all those services online saving you significant time in queues. We would not include a specific list since it is long and constantly changing. If you are interested in using our assistance with an e-administration application kindly write us a message.


Further information regarding the possibilities to request certain services through e-government can be found on their website



Administrative acts

No one can escape contact with the administration – state and municipal. It is no surprise that often the acts (actions) of said authorities infringe the rights of said person. In significant number of cases the hurdles imposed by the administration and its act can be circumvented with the assistance of an attorney.


Defense against administrative acts & attacking penalty orders

Almost all of the acts (actions) of the municipal and state authorities are subject to judicial control. Since a lot of said acts may be overturned through appeal it is often the best course to engage a professional attorney at law to consult you in such matters. Even if there is little merit
in appealing a respective administrative act the lawyer may consult you in relation to the best actions to avoid future issues. In their official duties the municipal and state authorities often issue fines which also are subject to judicial control.



Administrative acts of public bodies regarding competitions

The distribution of large amounts of funds due to the COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of companies dependent to the provision of said funds. Their distribution is sometimes bound to participation in specific contests or other procedure, which end with an administrative act adopted by the respective body. 


It is often the case that said bodies disregard rules and law and distribute the funds according to their wish and whim. We pride ourselves in successfully overturning a number of such acts for the benefit of our clients.



If you are involved in relations were you are obliged to use e-administration or you require defense against acts of the state, it is best to consult a specialist as early as possible. We kindly invite you to contact us with any questions.