Labor law


The European and Bulgarian labor law doctrines provide strict rules regarding the rights and obligations of employer and employee alike. Therefore an in-depth knowledge of these boundaries allows us to provide precise advice regarding the stance one should assume when negotiating a position, either as employer or employee.

Employees often fail to negotiate their labor agreements in advance and are bound to suffer the consequences. Less vacation time, unfair payment or bonus structure, rigid agreement 

termination terms and many other maladies which may be avoided either with a consultation or with our assistance in the entire process of negotiation.

Labor contracts

It is worth noting that Bulgaria is one of the countries in the world with most extensive labor rights and protection of the employee and worker. Knowing how to enforce a certain right is no easy feat.


It is customary for companies to draft and present labor agreement which directly collide with provisions of the law. Since the legislation is vast it is very hard of a person not intimately familiar with it to know when his rights are being infringed upon. Needless to say we strongly urge you to contact us with any and all questions related to your labor contract. This will place you in a better position regarding all aspects of your relation with you present, past or future employer.


Employers on the other hang grossly underestimate the value of a good labor contract. They tend to turn to accountants to draft their labor contracts to reduce costs not fully understating that they are creating significant risk and potentially destroying future value. A well drafted labor contract will create understanding between Employer and Employee and significantly reduce the chance of future discontent and potential costly dispute.



Companies just starting their business operations should bear in mind that hiring employees is related to a number of compliance acts and procedure which if not implemented timely might lead to significant penalties following a state inspection.

Additional information can be found on the website of the two chief state agencies involved in regulating labor the labor inspection and the employment agency.



When an accord cannot be achieved between Employee and Employer the only path forward is litigation. We have perfect track record so far successfully defending the interest of our clients in a number of such proceedings.  The time to consult an experienced lawyer is the first moment you feel there might be trouble. This applies for both parties to such a dispute.

Engaging us

Employment in Bulgaria requires a imaginative approach. No matter whether you are an employee and need to protect your rights or an employer attempting to enforce order and discipline a timely consult or even better engaging us as an outside consult will provide you with a constant edge in any labor related situation.