Migration, work & residence


Working in Bulgaria or establishing a company often requires a specific registration with the migration authorities. Said proceedings are burdensome and heavily burocratic. That being said engaging an experience lawyer will simplify things a great deal and will allow you to start the procedure as early as possible.

Entering the Republic of Bulgaria  

Entering a foreign country in almost all cases requries a duly issued VISA. Broadly speaking there are three VISA types: 

  1. Bulgaria Airport Transit Visa (Visa A); 
  2. Bulgaria Short-Stay Visa (Visa C) and
  3. Bulgaria Long-Stay Visa (Visa D).

The first one is a transit VISA, the second is typically used either for tourism or brief business trips and the third one allows entry in Bulgaria for a longer period of time. You can find additional information regarding each Visa type here.

Working and living in Bulgaria

Two chief procedures exist that would grant a forigner the right to live and work in Bulgaria.
(1). Procedure for singluar permit for working and living in Bulgaria, and 

(2). Blue card of EU for living the working.

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Types of Residence in Bulgaria

Long term residence
Long-term residence status is granted to a foreigner that has resided legally and uninterruptedly on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for 5 years prior to submission of the application for granting of long-term residence permit. When granted, the long-term residence status is permanent as long as no circumstances have arisen for its withdrawal under art. 40.


Prolonged residence
Prolonged residence is granted in the following cases and a number of others which shall not be listed here:

  • Foreign citizens that wish to work under employment contracts following permission by the bodies of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy under the provisions of the Labor Migration and Labor Mobility Act;
  • Foreign citizens that realize business activity in the country under the legal provisions and as a result of this activity at least 10 workplaces have been opened at full time employment for Bulgarian citizens, and have been maintained for the period of residence, except where it has been agreed otherwise under an international contract that has been ratified, promulgated and has taken effect in the Republic of Bulgaria, and that requirement is valid for each partner separately; the same conditions apply for each manager separately. Realize business activity in the country under the legal provisions.
  • Foreigners that are foreign specialists residing in the country under the effect of international contracts to which the Republic of Bulgaria is a party.
  • Foreigners that have grounds to be granted permanent residence;
  • The foreigners are representatives of foreign business companies registered at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, after an inspection and assessment of the presented documents regarding the activity and tax-related correctness of the company and also regarding the planned activities of the representation;
  • Financial secured parents of a Bulgarian citizen or a foreign citizen that has been granted permanent residence permit where the documents certifying the family links that originate from abroad are recognized or allowed for execution and have been registered under the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation.
  • Foreign citizens admitted for continuous medical treatment at a health establishment that have sufficient financial means for treatment and subsistence so as not to be a burden to the social-security systems and their health condition requires uninterrupted personal care provided by qualified medical staff;
  •  Admitted for continuous medical treatment. Foreign citizens that are correspondents of foreign mass media and are accredited in the Republic of Bulgaria;


Permanent residence – residence permit

Here are some of the grounds for granting permanent
residence in Bulgaria:

Bulgarian origin;

  1. Permanent residence permit can be granted to foreigners – five years after contracting of civil marriage with a permanently residing foreigner in the country provided they have resided legally and uninterruptedly for 5 years on the territory of the country, where in case of marriage to a foreigner that has been granted permanent residence under items 6, 7 or 8 the requirements for residing in the country do not apply;
  2. Permanent residence permit can be granted to foreigners – minor children of a foreigner residing permanently in the country provided they have not contracted marriage;
  3. Permanent residence permit can be granted to foreigners –

Single permit for residence and work and Blue card of the EU

There are two additional procedures on grounds whereon a person can receive the right to reside and work in the Republic of Bulgaria. Both procedures are highly burocratic and are related to a somewhat complicated administrative procedure. Both require that the candidate has concluded a labor agreement with his/hers respetive employer prior to submission of the documents. Additionally if the respective procedure is successful the candidate is obliged to pay a state fee between 500 and 1000 EUR. 

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