Requirements for transportation of foods and dairies.

The activity of transportation of foods and dairies is a strictly regulated one. A number of legal requirements are in place, some of which imposed on national leval, some on EU level, and more additonal ones should the repsective company be involved in transportation of the above products on an international scale outside of the EU.


The registration of the vehicles necessary for transportation of foods and dairies is specified in mostly in the Law for foods safety and its ordinances, and in EU Reg 931/2011 and EU Reg 142/2011.


Falling to properlly register the vehicles used for such activities will lead to the imposition of significant sanctions, including the seizure of the vehichles. It is highly advisory to implement the proper procedure prior to engaging in such activities.


The procedure is implemented through the competent of the Bulgarian agency for food safety. The application should use the approved froms and includes an  inspection of the vehicles prior to the issuance of the permit for their use. Needless to say all the vehichles need to be compliant with all the other requirements of the law for registration and proper maintenance. 


The contact with the administration irrelevant of the procedure can be assited and made simpler by an experienced attorney at law. Further information on administrative acts and the possibility of their appeal can be found on our page


Legal framework: Law for bulgarian food safety agency, EU Reg 931/2011, EU Reg 142/2011

Administration: Bulgarian agency of food safety – the respective regional office