Bulgaria Airport Transit Visa (Visa A)

The Bulgaria Transit Visa, as the name suggests allows the holder to transit in a Bulgarian airport on their way to another destination. The visa does not allow the holder to leave the airport and actually enter the country of Bulgaria.


The Bulgaria airport transit visa is issued for a single or double entry. On special occasions, it may be issued for multiple entries for validity of three months.


Bulgaria Short-Stay Visa (Visa C)

Bulgaria Short-Stay Visa (Visa C) is issued for tourism, business, and personal visit purposes for stays of up to 90 days within a six-month period. This type of visa is usually issued for a single-entry.


You may receive a multiple-entry short-stay Bulgarian visa, valid for up to one year, if:


You are travelling for business purposes.

You are a family member of a Bulgarian/EU/EEA citizen

You are a family member of a Bulgarian permanent resident

Additionally, you can also receive a Bulgaria short-stay visa for transit purposes if you are transiting through the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria on your way to another country. If you have a short-stay Bulgaria visa for the purpose of transit, you may only stay in Bulgaria for two days. It is usually issued for a single or double entry, and valid for 12 months. In certain occasions, you may be able to receive a multiple entry short-stay visa for transit, at the discretion of the Bulgarian embassy or consulate.


Bulgaria Long-Stay Visa (Visa D)

Bulgaria Long-Stay Visa (Visa D) is for those foreign nationals who want to stay in Bulgaria long-term or permanently, such as for work or study purposes.


It is usually issued for a duration of up to one year, and you have to obtain a residence permit upon your arrival to the country of Bulgaria. It allows the holder multiple entries into the country.