The concept of litigation


Litigation is the natural consequence of any dispute which cannot be resolved by amicable means. Rationality demands that all dispute are resolved through negotiations. However that is often not the case in reality. Therefore at the moment that you or your company find yourself in a situation wherein you feel that the opposite party is not willing to fulfill its obligations for any reason what so ever, or is infringing on your rights it is the best course of action to engage legal representation.

Preliminary assessment

Our experience in negotiation and litigation allows us to asses a situation and provide you with council regarding the best way to resolve a dispute. That being said we recommend engaging us at the first sign of trouble so we are able to better guide the situation. The sooner we are up
to speed with the situation the sooner we can draw up an estimation of the escalation and development of the issue.


In a number of cases an experienced lawyer is able to apply the correct amount of pressure or find the common ground as to disallow a dispute to get out of hand. In such cases through negotiations we are able to promptly, efficiency and without excess of expense resolve a situation. 



If all else fails we are prepared through our expertise in legal writing, research and procedure to provide you with excellent legal representation in any in court or arbitrage proceeding.

Drafting of a claim, application or answer

Both civil and administrative proceedings are bound by very specific set of rules which framework the “movement” of a legal case. In every case drafting a high quality legal document be it any of the listed above is paramount to the success of the case as a whole. The civil proceedings are
specially include a number of preclusive terms which disallow providing evidence at a later moment when the envisioned in the law moment has been missed. In view of the above we strongly urge you to contact us as early as possible as to allow us the time required to draft document equal to the task. In the case that you have received a claim an application, in other words, if you are being sued the above is effective even in greater force since the term for drafting an answer is short and failing to submit such is related with dire consequences.

Engaging us at the appellate instance

We are not in the practice of accepting cases which are already at the appellate or cassation instance. The possibility and course of action are severally limited after the first instance has rendered a decision. That being said, some exceptions are possible, but we reserve the right to decide for each case separately.

Electronic justice

Bulgaria is slowly stepping into the twenty first century by implementing a program of introduction of the capacity for electronic inquiry into pending cases. Largely this is reserved for attorneys at law authorized under the respective cases, but in some situation some information for a pending dispute might be gathered via an inquiry on the respective court’s website, like that one of the Sofia Distric Court. 

Contact us 

In any and all cases where you are wonding if you might be able to defend your rights in a court proceeding we invite you to contact us to discuss the particulars.