Family and inheritance

Family & Inheritance Law

Family and Inheritance law

Division proceedings

One of the most common reasons to get involved in a dispute is an inheritance. Often people are of the opinion that this is a simple matter best resolved internally within a family. Although this is sometimes the case, more often than not dividing even a small number properties can lead to strife among even close families. Two options are available.I

Amicable division of inheritance

A consult with an experienced lawyer can help you organize and negotiate an amicable division of the inheritance. This will not only save you money but will prevent the possibility of future strife. Especially if there is a significant number of properties to be divided or many successors, we strongly urge you to book an appointment.

In court division of inheritance

Somewhat similar to division of jointly owned property this is a proceeding allowing the successors to an inheritance through a court proceeding to distribute the property among themselves and if not possible to sell it and distribute the proceeds. When no accord can be reached this is often the only way to more forward. Further even hot heads tend to calm themselves when faced with the prospect of years of costly court proceedings. Meaning that sometimes the way to achieve an agreement is to start an in court proceedings for division of the property so the other parties with know you mean business.

No matter the current situation the best course in any situation involving division of property is to consult a specialist as early as possible. We guarantee that this will save you a lot of time, trouble and money in the long run.

Divorce by mutual agreement

Divorce proceedings are very different and have little in common with other in court proceedings. Therefore we do not typically particiapte in such work.  If the persons considering divorce are prepared to achieve divorcy through mutual agreement we are prepared to offer assistance in drafting the related thereto documents and representing one or both parties in the court. 

Matrial property 

The Family Codex stipuales that less a specific regime of property is assigned after a marriage almost everything acquired by the spouses is considered joint or martial property. If you desire to choose another regime, for example split property or to draft a martial contract we can offer different flexible solution depending on your situation. 

When buying high value property from a person in marriage it is a good idea to inquiry in the type of property community choosen by the seller. An inquiry can be made in the Martial relations registry

Additional services

A great number of deals involving either martial property or inherited property require a specific document to prove said property’s status. Certificate of successors or Family certificate or etc., are documents issued by an office in the municipality of registration. Almost all of them can be requested and sometimes issued online. If are interested in such assistance we kindly invite you to check our e-administration section