Public procurement

Public procurement

Public procurement and procedures and the procedures related to require experience and knowledge to navigate successfully. 



Private companies

Companies have a lot to gain by participating in public procurement procedure. As a developing state the Republic of Bulgaria and the respective municipalities create numerous public procurement procedures. The participation in such often involves burdensome administrative and burocratic tasks and actions. We can offer assistance in the preparation and submission of document as well as in the phase of negotiation with the assigning authority.

State and municipal authorities

We have consulted several municipalities in the preparation (from the ground up) of number of complicated public procurement and the respective procedures involving energy efficiency measures and are therefore well prepared to offer assistance in the preparation and fine-tuning of any public procurement procedure.

This experience also allows us to consult companies planning to participate in such proceedings.

Appealing decisions of the assigning authority (State or Municipal)

The preparation of a public procurement procedure is complex and requires significant legal knowledge. It is often the case that the municipal and state authorities fail to prepare procedures compliant with the applicable Bulgarian and European legislation. That being said a participant in such a procedure may often dispute the decision of the assigning authority to appoint the procurement to a different entity.

In all cases the timely legal assessment of the situation is paramount to the potential success of any judicial action. It is highly advisable to contact an experienced attorney even before the procedure has reached the stages where the necessity of legal action is appropriate.

Information regarding published public procurements can be found on the following link